front garden

I love spring! It’s so amazing when the cold of winter vanishes and the first flowers of spring make their appearance. Here in East Texas, spring comes a couple month earlier than it did when I lived in Colorado. When the danger of frost is past in mid-March, I’m ready to plant. I smile as tiny growth appears from last year, and I rarely come home from shopping without at least one new flower for my yard. I’ve had to learn new plants and new time frames these past couple of years, but I still mange to fill my yard with color. This year I bought a peacock at a flea market 🙂 It’s my new favorite. And the azaleas! There’s nothing prettier than when they are in bloom.

With temperatures topping out in the 70’s and 80’s, these days and evenings are perfect for long walks with my dog, Merlin. Not too hot, not too cold-but just right. I know these days are fleeting, soon summer will be here full force with its 90 and 100 degree temperatures and bugs, lots of bugs, that will force me to spend more time back inside.

But for now, I’m spending as much time as I possibly can outdoors in the beauty of nature. It is truly a spectacular planet we live on!


First day of Spring?


Well, it’s here, this is officially the first day of Spring 2014.  I want to be excited–Why?  Because I hate winter, I hate cold, I hate snow, and this year has been worst than most here in Colorado. Oh I know I shouldn’t complain when half of the U.S., mainly the east coast, has had a much more severe winter than here in Colorado, but I am complaining anyway, because did I mention–I HATE COLD AND SNOW!  Anyway, back to today, we all believe, or want to believe, that the advent of Spring signals the start of warmer weather.  Put away the down jacket and wool suits and get out all my colorful spring outfits.  But wait, not so fast, here in Colorado we usually have more snow during “Spring” than we do in winter.  And scheduling a soccer game or track meet on a Spring Saturday is a sure guarantee of cold and snow! So although I am smiling that it is finally Spring, I will remain cautiously optimistic.  For today, I am excited, even though there was a good deal of frost on my deck this morning, the prediction is that our temperatures will rise to the high 60’s by late afternoon. (Although I would prefer the 80’s, 60’s are indeed glorious this time of year).  I intend to get outside with my dog and enjoy.  But then there’s tomorrow, the second day of Spring, when the forecast is for temps to top out in the high 40’s and Saturday, the third day of Spring, the day I have to be outside the ENTIRE day, even worse a prediction of a high of 40 with snow or rain showers! So forgive me if I am not overly excited about the arrival of Spring, but the idea of Spring–That’s something to truly celebrate!