Romance Writers’ Weekly #lovechatwrite

This week we have been asked to write a short fan fiction using the words pumpkin spice, ghost, and costume so here goes: I frowned as I peered in the mirror through the two small holes I’d cut in the white sheet that draped over my entire body. Did I look like a ghost or just a 70 year old lady under a sheet? Probably the latter. I hadn’t been to a costume party on Halloween in years, but my friends Megan and Tom had insisted I come to theirs. I even climbed up into my attic and opened an old, dusty box marked COSTUMES. There was my sexy cat, sexy devil, and sexy witch costumes from my 20’s and 30’s. Nope, I wouldn’t be wearing any of them, so I went with a sheet. At least no one would know me under my ridiculous getup. I walked into the party, intending to say hi to Megan and make my escape as quickly as possible. I walked over to a table in far corner of the room and poured a cup of punch. “Boo!” The deep voice behind me almost caused me to spill the red liquid down my white sheet. I turned to see a man dressed in a costume almost identical to mine. “Last minute idea?” he asked. I laughed. “Yep. You, too?” “Me? I wear this every year.” We both laughed. I didn’t recognize his voice. “Well. I’m just here because Megan insisted.” “Yeah. Tom did the same with me.” Throughout my feeble attempt to mingle and make casual conversations, I always ended up back in his company. He was pleasant and seemed to be a kindred spirit not only in the way we were dressed. After an hour passed, and I’d made sure that Megan knew I’d made and appearance, I seized my chance and quietly floated out the front door. I was almost to my car when I heard the door open and shut behind me. Had Megan discovered my departure and come to drag me back inside? “You didn’t say goodbye,” the deep voice rang out. “Do you like pumpkin spice?” It seemed like a strange question, but I turned, “Yes, doesn’t everyone?” “Good. Would you like to meet me at Starbucks in the morning? I’ll buy you a latte.” I hesitated. I had no idea who was under that sheet and for that matter, he didn’t know who I was either. I should say no, but what the heck? “Sure, how about 8:00.?” “8:00 it is, see you then.” I started to get in my car. Wait. “How will I know you?” I hoped he would take off his sheet. “I’ll be the tall guy with silver hair, not wearing a sheet. You?” I laughed. “I won’t be wearing one either.” I smiled as I drove away. This would be interesting. If he ghosted me it would be a good story, if not, who knew, maybe next year, he’d come as my Prince Charming.

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