Well, my move is complete and after almost a month of not writing, my office and computer are set up and I’m reconnected with the world 🙂 I now live in East Texas. It’s a change from Colorado. Most noticeably, the humidity. I think I’ve lost ten pounds since I got here just from sweating! It’s hot! I know I moved here at the worst time of the year. I’m already looking forward to autumn! Honestly though, its not so bad, and we even had a couple low humidity days the beginning of this week.

On a positive note, everyone here is so friendly, y’all. I feel very welcomed. And there’s no traffic in this small town, ever. Not even at “rush hour”. It’s nice. People here are proud of their state. The shape of Texas is everywhere. From Texas-shaped waffles to all sorts of Texas shaped items like this cutting board I got as a present when I arrived. We didn’t have that in the beautiful state of Colorado, however, to be fair, Colorado is the shape of a rectangle. If they made products in the shape of Colorado, no one would know. (I’ve eaten rectangle-shaped waffles my whole life). Texas is a great shape though, there’s no mistaking it for any place else. So I’m embracing all that is Texas and life in East Texas.

cutting board

Stay tuned . . . I may even place a place a romance here one day. But for now, my writer’s mind is back in the cool Colorado mountains, furiously trying to finish Colorado Summer Stars (Peakview series book 7) before summer ends. I’ll let you know when I have a release date. Stay cool wherever you’re spending your summer.

Moving on down

It’s a time of change for me. After 22 years in the same house I am in the process of downsizing. Yep, 4000 sq. ft. to 2000. I’m excited, this house had gotten way to big for me since my children all moved out. But, holy crap, I have accumulated a lot of stuff!!! (hint, don’t ever live in a house for 22 years).  This house was great: lots of walk-in closets, a full basement and a three car garage, so many places to put stuff, lots and lots of stuff! I didn’t get rid of things-buy a new couch? move the old one to the basement; buy a new bed? move the old one to the basement; old work files? store them in the basement! What a nightmare. My house wasn’t cluttered, just full. And now it isn’t. After three months of countless trips to Goodwill and ARC, and the landfill and various recycle centers around town, I have started to make a dent in my “treasures”.

My moving date is fast approaching, two and a half more weeks, the roughly 590 pictures that hung on my walls are down. Things too precious to give up are packed in stacks of boxes and my house looks bare, so bare! Will the remains of my life really fit in a 26ft. moving van? I hope so. It was time–probably past time. We all need to declutter our lives once in a while. I feel good about the thing I let go-mostly.

I’m excited for a new chapter in my life. This time I swear I’m not going to accumulate anything I don’t need. Will it work? Time will tell. Check back with me in another 22 years!packing pic

Graduation and moving thoughts

Look at this photo. That’s me on the right in the attractive cap and gown.  When I graduated from law school almost twenty years ago, I really thought it would be the very last time I ever donned one of those lovely gowns, but there I am again two weeks ago. Why? was I graduating, no, something even greater–my youngest was graduating from medical school (That’s her the attractive young one on the left!)  It’s still hard to believe that I can now call her doctor.  Seems like just yesterday when she was starting kindergarten and telling everyone how she was going to grow up to be a doctor and grow up she did!  Anyway, I was given the amazing honor of walking across the stage with her and hooding her.  Yes, for one day I had the title of “personal hooder”.  Something I had never heard of, but was honored to be. It was so fun to celebrate with her and close family members and send her off to her residency in Emergency Medicine. I cant tell you how proud I am of her. 

The next week, found us loading all of her stuff into and rental truck and heading to Dallas, Texas for the next chapter of her life.  It was exciting (I know its Texas, but despite that-Imagestill exciting!)  After closing on her first home, amid the heat and humidity, we settled her into a cute little house built in the 1950’s.  Lots of home improvement projects in store for her.  I will miss her while she’s there the next three years, but I wasn’t sad to get back home to the nice, dry Colorado air.  I hope she likes Texas, just not enough to want to stay permanently!