colorado-sunset-cover2yellow-copy-517x800 Sunset is the first book in the Peakview Series.

After June Meyers devastating divorce six years ago, she remained devoted to her children and their home in Ohio. Now her youngest child is off to college, and June faces her future with a mix of anxiety and excitement. The Walker Horse Ranch in isolated Peakview, Colorado, provides the perfect setting for Jeff Walker to hide from the pain of losing his wife to cancer eight years ago. He’s raised his sons and now his ranch and horses are his life. It’s just simpler that way. Avoiding making any long tern decisions about her life, June embarks on a cross country road trip to visit her son and grandchildren in California. After car trouble strands her in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, she lands at the Walker Ranch, where she encounters the handsome, rugged rancher, Jeff. While neither is looking for a relationship, they can’t deny the chemistry that draws them together. Can they drop their barriers and take a second chance at love?

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Violet cover_edited-1  Breakfast for Two is the second book in the Peakview Series.

The tiny, mountain town of Peakview, Colorado, wouldn’t be the same without Violet’s Café, and its owner, Violet Woods. Widowed in her fifties, she leads a solitary life with only her cat Lucky to keep her warm at night. All thoughts of romance died with Stan. They had a wonderful, long happy marriage, and she’s content to live out the rest of her life with her memories.

Howard Crandall, Peakview’s only mechanic, is a confirmed bachelor and something of a hermit. When Stan died, he took it upon himself to look out for Violet. Over the years, they have become friends, but it isn’t until the past he has hid from for thirty year past suddenly catches up with him, that he opens up to the idea of finding love.

Is there a second chance for these two lonely souls?

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Cabin Cover copy Colorado Cabin in the Pines is the third book in the     Peakview series.

LUKE WALKER loves his childhood home on the Walker Horse Ranch. Now he is building his own cabin on a hillside overlooking the entire spread. He’s avoided romance ever since his high school girlfriend left four years ago, taking his heart with her.

PENNY ANDERSON couldn’t wait to get out of isolated Peakview, Colorado where she was born and raised. At college in Chicago, she found her true passion in working with underprivileged children.

When Penny returns home for the summer after graduation, sparks fly between these two former lovers. While Luke struggles to overcome his fear that she will leave again, Penny tries to find a way to have the man she never stopped loving and a career that fulfills her.

Come home to Peakview, Colorado where everyone has a chance at love.

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CW COVER FRONT3 - Cassie  Colorado wrangler is the fourth book n the Peakview series

MELANIE GENTRY has found her father and a home for herself and her teenage daughter in the small mountain town of Peakview, Colorado, but is that enough? When she meets a handsome, mysterious cowboy she begins to wonder if she can find even more.

HANK DALTON is a loner. He is content to live in a small one room apartment over the saddle barn at Peaktop Guest Ranch where he’s a wrangler. He’s avoided entanglements with women for over twenty years, preferring the company of horses. He’s not looking for romance. But there’s something about Peakview’s newest resident, Melanie that makes him want to reconsider.

Can these two lonely people, both haunted by past mistakes, find love in the Colorado mountains?

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AND coming November 1st for Christmas, a novella about finding love when you least expect it.


CYNTHIA WELCH has made a name for herself as one of Chicago’s top divorce attorneys at the expense of her personal life. Burnt out, she heads to Peaktop Guest Ranch for a couple of months of solitude over the holidays.

AJ COULTER, a cowboy from Wyoming, has been a loner and a drifter ever since his divorce and his teenage daughters leaving for college. He finds a temporary job at Peaktop Ranch as the head wrangler.

When their paths cross, Cynthia begins to question her life in Chicago, and AJ struggles to find a way to keep her in Colorado. Can the spirit of Christmas bring these two people from very different worlds together and help them find their way to true love?

 This Christmas, come home to Peakview, Colorado where everyone has a chance at love.