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There is nothing like spending time in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, where snow and romance are sure to find you. Once Jill Haymaker discovered her passion for writing contemporary romances filled with messages of hope and second chances, she never looked back. Two years ago, she gave up her long time career as an attorney to embark on writing full time. She loves her stories set high in the Colorado Mountains and the handsome cowboys her heroines find there. Although her characters and settings are fictional, they are based on the people and places she’s experienced in her own time in the mountains. After writing eleven books in her Peakview series, she is currently working on book seven in her new series, Aspen Ridge. If you loved Peakview, you’ll soon fall in love with Aspen Ridge, too. Jill also writes stories for the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul books, where you can catch a glimpse of her real life. She’d love to hear from you.
You can reach her by email at jillhaymaker@aol.com or her website at https://jillhaymaker.com

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Jill, I really enjoyed your story about Smokey, that’s one determined and strong cat! I’m also one of the contributing authors, my story is called “My Boyfriend Bob” and it’s on page 291. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s stories, what a great collection! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. I just finished reading Colorado Sunset & absolutely loved it. I want to try & read the rest but I will do so as i have the extra money. Thank you so much for writing this lovely book.

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