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This week on the Romance Writer’s Weekly Blog Hop here’s our topic-

What is your favorite game? Is it because you usually win or because it challenges you every time?

My family is big on playing games. As a kid I remember playing monopoly, scrabble, clue and many other board games. When my children were growing up, on top of the individual presents each Christmas, I also always bought a “family present” which was labeled under the tree to everyone. It was always a new game. We would spend much of Christmas afternoon trying it out. Some were great, and others not so much, but it was always entertaining. We continued this tradition well into their twenties. To answer the question, I think my favorite is Trivial Pursuit, and yes, it’s because I’m good at it and can almost always win. I’ll admit it-I like to win! A lot. My usual calm demeanor goes away when a game comes out, and I get very competitive. For some reason my brain has an infinite capacity to remember silly trivial facts. I have no idea why I can remember small insignificant things when half the time I cant remember why I walked into the kitchen or where I put my phone!

Anyway, I do enjoy a good game, especially with people who like to have fun and aren’t sore losers. There’s nothing worse than someone who gets mad when they lose. As competitive as I am, I always remember it’s just a game and am the first to congratulate someone else if they win. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen often.

How about you? Do you like games and why? After you’ve commented, hop over to PG Forte at to see what games she likes?

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