Wow! Where did the last six months go?

Today I came to this site to update my header to a fall scene (something I do about this time every year. What did I see? My last post was entitled “Spring?” and dated February 21st. I had no idea it had been that long since I posted! That was before most of us had even heard of coronavirus or Covid-19. If we had heard of it, it was something far, far away in China. It wouldn’t ever affect our lives here in the United States. If you read my last post, the heaviest thing on my mind was if the danger of frost was over so I could plant spring flowers. My, how our world had changed in the last six months! No matter where you fall on the political spectrum of all of this, I think we will all agree our lives have been changed in ways we never imagined. Quarantine, social distancing, mask mandates, schools closed, events cancelled–all concepts that were completely foreign to me six months ago, concepts that were completely foreign to me for the over sixty years I’ve been alive. And yet, here we are. Living day to day and trying to make the best decisions possible for ourselves, our loved ones, and all of society.

To say it’s been a wake-up call would be too simple. We’ve all had to examine our lives and what’s most important to us. Some things have fallen by the wayside, while others have become more important. Apparently, writing on this blog fell by the wayside for me. I’m not happy about that. I like to interact with all of you who read this, but it happened. Anyway, I’m back, still writing, and getting ready to make a long distance move back home. For the most part, my life has been thankfully untouched by all that is going on around me. My loved ones are all safe and healthy and learning to deal with our new normal. I try to make smart decisions each and every day. I hope all of you are doing the same.

I’d love to hear from you, if you want to leave a comment. Let me know how you’re doing. We’re all in this together. Much love to all.

One thought on “Wow! Where did the last six months go?

  1. Agustin P. Duenas

    When is “Cut to Love” going to be released? I read a preview of it in your last Aspen Ridge book “Run to Love.”

    Your very first book featuring June and Jeff (Colorado Sunset) got me hooked and I’ve read every book in the Peakview and Aspen Ridge series. Some of them twice but a few others multiple times. I just love the characters you’ve created. My personal favorites are June and Jeff, Melanie and Marissa, Cindy and AJ, and Colt and Angela. I also like the fact that you include characters that may seem to old to be featured, but love and romance just don’t respect age.

    Please keep writing. I find your books a pleasure to read. Can’t wait for the next one.

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