Where in the world is Amber?

elephantThose of you who know me well, know that my oldest daughter loves to travel. That’s probably an understatement–she lives to travel. Every few months she’s off to somewhere else in the world. For someone who has a mother, me, who’s never been outside the United States, I’m not sure where her travel bug came from, but she sure does enjoy it.  Actually, I do enjoy travel, the kind I can do in my car, in a country where we all speak the same language. But my daughter has ventured out to the far reaches of our world. So, currently she’s in Sri Lanka (I have to admit although I am well educated, when she first mentioned it, I had to look it up on a map. I had no idea where it was).  For those of you who as unworldly as me, its a small island off the coast of India. Anyway, she there, having a blast, making a new friend in the photo,  and marking off yet another country on her world journey.

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