Make a difference

What makes a novel a best seller? Before I started on my writing journey, I would have said that what you needed to do was write a great book. And while that’s definitely the first step, just because you write a great book, doesn’t mean anyone besides you and your closet friends and relatives will ever read it. You’re so excited to finish your first book and you put it out there on Amazon along with the literally millions of other books, but how does anyone ever find your little gem? Sure if you’re a Stephen King or Nora Roberts, everyone will find your book immediately, but if you are one of the rest of us little people, it will be more like the tree falling in the empty forest, will it even make a sound?  So that’s when the really hard part of being an author kicks in, the dreaded marketing! And mastering social media and all that goes along with it, to make enough of a splash to get people to buy your book. Its not easy, or fun, but can be rewarding when something you do actually works.

So why you ask, am I telling you all this? Is it just to whine about how hard it is to be an author. Well, yes maybe a little bit, but mainly because I think its a reflection of life. How do you as just one little person in the millions of people in the world make that splash?You can be the nicest, kindest person alive, but to make a difference in this world you have to get up off your couch and do something. Volunteer somewhere. Our world has no shortage of people and organizations who desperately need your help. Find your passion and then take action. Get out there and interact with those less fortunate than yourself, with those who can benefit from your help or guidance, with those who need a hug or a smile to brighten their day. Who knows, it might even make you feel better about yourself and forget about your own silly little problems.buckhorn 15

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