colo roadWell . . .looking back at my last post a couple of months ago, I promised to share my second road trip adventure when I returned the end of June. Tomorrow it’s August!  Where has the summer gone?  I guess I’ve been busy and enjoying the warm sunshine. Have I mentioned I love summer!!! We can have some cold winters here in Colorado, winters that sometimes last into May, so you have to get outside and enjoy every warm, sunny day.thermometer

So back to my roadtrip in June. It was good. Nothing bad happened. It was just long, really long! And hot, really hot! Both ways across Southern Utah, all of Nevada and Eastern California the temperatures hovered between 110 and 115.  (Did I mention I l love summer? I meant I love Colorado summers.) Every time I attempted to get out of my car, it felt like walking into an oven.  And I had my dog and traveling companion, Laddie, with me, of course. So it was too hot to leave him in the car alone, so no chance to go inside and cool off.

IMG_1817Anyway, I made it to San Diego, had a wonderful week with my oldest daughter and celebrated my brother’s 60th birthday . . . and then drove home.  I was so tired of being in my car when I got back, I swore I would never take another road trip by myself. But now that its been over a month, in hind sight, it doesn’t seem so bad. We’ll see, next time maybe I will look for a copilot. Or fly, flying is looking better all the time 🙂


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