On the Road Again–2015 Roadtrip number 2


I’m about to embark on my second long road trip of the year.  You may remember, I headed down to Dallas in April to visit my youngest daughter and now I’m headed to San Diego next week to visit my oldest. Yes, they both decided to move out of Colorado in the very same year and unfortunately for me, in opposite directions.  So, of course, I wouldn’t visit one and not the other, so here we go again!  As I’ve mentioned before, I love roadtrips, but over the past several years, I had always been accompanied by at least one other adult. Those trips are easy–drive three or four hours, switch drivers and repeat the process until you get to your destination.  Plenty of time to relax and recharge between your stints of drive time. But the trips this year have been just me and my dog, Laddie. He’s amazing but not much help in the driving department.  So . . . its just me and the road. Lots of road. The fourteen hour trip to Dallas is pretty desolate the entire way, not much to look at along the way.  At least heading west, the first five hours, I will get to experience the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Then there’s that 100 mile, exit free stretch in Utah (if you’ve ever driven I-70 you know what I mean) very beautiful in a desolate kind of way. But after that, there’s miles and miles of barren Utah, Nevada, and eastern California, before descending into the maze that is the City of Angels. The worst part will probably be the heat, 108 degree is predicted for the day I head through Las Vegas. I hoping to get through early in the morning 🙂 Anyway, I am looking forward to the trip and not only spending time with my daughter but also getting to help my little brother celebrate his 60th birthday. And there’s got to be some great photo ops along the way (there’s always the world’s largest thermometer, a must see in eastern California!) Stay tuned for pictures–California here I come!

Why I write romances

Colorado Sunset final cover

I love to write. It’s my passion, but I also have a “real” job as an attorney. When I tell people that I write, I always get the comment, “Oh, legal thrillers life John Grisham or Scott Turow?”

“No.” I say. “I write romances.”

They are shocked and at least hope that I write about divorce and custody battles and court proceeding. Surely I could work those events into a romance.

“No,” I tell them again. “No lawyers or courtroom in my books.”

Why don’t I write about those things? They’re right, I could. I experience those heart-breaking scenes on a regular basis.

So here’s the reason—I write romances for the same reason I read them. Most people read for enjoyment, to escape from the grind or boredom of their daily lives. My favorite thing about a romance is there is always a happy ending—always.  We can’t call our book a romance if it isn’t there. I like that. It may take away some of the suspense, but I like knowing that the hero and heroine will somehow find a way to happily ever after.

We all want to believe that our lives are going to be happy. Even when we’ve gone through some dark times, we want to wake up to sunshine and hope the next morning.  I see client after client who come into my office devastated that the relationship they believed would last forever has now crumbled apart. They are often sad, angry, bitter, and frustrated. But when I see these lost souls months or years down the road, you know what?  Even in the most difficult cases, people have moved on to a new love interest. Why? Because inside they still believe in happily ever after. Even after being hurt, they are willing to pick themselves up and try again.  We just all want that happy ending no matter what we have to go through to find it.

So I write romance because I believe in happy endings. I believe that reading about happy endings in romances gives people hope that they can find a happy ending for themselves, even if they are going through a tough time right now. What better reason to write than to give hope to others!

My first romance novel, Colorado Sunset, is now available at Amazon.com. Its about finding a second chance at love. It’s not only about romance, but also about a sexy cowboy. What can get better than that? Here’s the link to my current favorite cowboy video, Future Islands, Seasons. Check it out. https://youtu.be/-5Ae-LhMIG0