I love Valentines Day! How can you not love a day that is all about love.  I know the day gets a lot of negative press as a day that is made up for profits for Hallmark, flower and chocolate companies.  There was even a time in my life when I hated Valentine’s Day.  If I was single at the time, there was nothing worse than seeing all those huge bouquets of roses and boxes of fancy chocolates delivered to my dorm, school, or workplace.  It seemed to just be a reminder of how alone I was.  But as I have gotten older, my attitude toward this day has totally changed. Even though I cant remember the last time I actually received a Valentine gift, I absolutely love having a special day to remind all those that I love how much I really do care for them.  I know I could do this every day of the year, and I really do try, but it helps to have that special day when it is forefront in my mind.  I just love getting those little stuffed animals, making special CD’s or just picking out the perfect card. However, more than buying gifts for my loved ones, I especially enjoy the tradition I started about five years ago.  I buy several bags of very delicious, foil wrapped, chocolate hearts and fill my pockets with them on Valentine’s morning.  Then, throughout the entire day I hand them out to everyone I encounter and wish them a happy Valentines!  As I walk down the street to my office, I give them to perfect strangers that pass and stop to give them to homeless people, huddled to keep warm.  When I went to Starbucks this morning to get my daily latte, I handed them out to all of the employees and everyone in line with me.  The result–I got lots of smiles, and even a free latte for my efforts.  Later at my office building, I wander the halls handing them out to all my friends in the building and even those I pass whom I don’t know.  If I need to run errands later, I will hand them out to bank tellers and store clerks. I make sure to give one to all of the toll booth workers in the parking garage.  I love random acts of kindness. I’m sure I wont change anyone’s life with my small gesture of love, but if the result is making even one person smile, then it was all worth while. Who knows maybe I was able to touch someone who was feeling down about not having a Valentine.  Either way, it definitely keeps a smile on my face for the entire day.  What could be better than that?  I love Valentine’s Day!

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